Why are the services of Pragnum unique and beneficial to business?

We save the Client’s time.
Our primary objective is to avoid trial. For more than 10 years of active judicial practice, we have acquired an impressive arsenal of means that allows solving a dispute pre trial. Over 50 % of our Clients' disputes have been resolved without bringing them to court.


We save the Client’s money.
Pragnum provides the reimbursement of Client’s legal expenses in actual scope. Ultimately, Pragnum services are paid not by the Client, but its opponent.


We take care of the Client’s health​.
Pragnum creates the most comfortable conditions for cooperation. We make the lawsuit outcome predictable for the Client as far as possible.


We work for the Client’s reputation.
Due to our work, the Client has a reputation of the company, which is not desirable to face with in court. In this regard, the opponents prefer to resolve any disputes through negotiations with our Clients.


We encourage the Client’s business development.
We see every dispute as a strategy that is an integral part of the overall business strategy of the Client. Our every action is taken under this strategy, and aims at achieving major business goals of the Client.


We provide the outcome.
Despite 90 % of winning cases, a positive judgement is not always the ultimate goal for us. The main thing is the result. So we begin to think of the judgement enforcement before filing a lawsuit to court.