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Tax and customs disputes
Professionalism, specialisation in tax law, and exclusive competence of employees and business reliability of this law firm contribute to the effective implementation of our projects. 
Serhii Harbuz, Director of Titan Machinery Ukraine

Tax and customs disputes

Oleksii Nekrasov
Аdvocate, Partner
Alyona Michurina
Аdvocate, Senior Associate

The disputes with the State Fiscal Service of Ukraine usually begin with an audit. The success of such disputes lie in the serious preparation for the audit and meticulous participation in it. Therefore, we begin the work with teaching our Clients the optimal interaction with regulatory authorities.

Not every audit has legitimate grounds. We promptly take measures to prevent such audits and lay the foundation to neutralize their impact on Clients.

In accompanying the audit, we thoroughly review the primary documents and transactions to be its subject. This gives the Client an understanding of risks and provides for taking steps in advance to minimize them. In certain cases, we also provide a special regime of access to the documents of the Client.

In most cases, we begin the administrative appeal of the fiscal service’s decisions in order to correct arithmetical and methodological errors admitted in the audit report. In addition, this gives us and the Client time required for due preparation for effective judicial dispute resolution.

The possibility of access to non-public information allows us to accurately assess the prospects of the case in court, while the use of special litigation tactics, along with deep knowledge of the relevant judicial practice can influence the success of the case and ensure ultimately the desired outcome for the Client.