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Commercial disputes
We recommend Pragnum as a team that can be trusted to resolve the most confusing and acute conflicts.
Alexander Sanin, General Director of Volvo Ukraine

Commercial disputes

Vitaly Bobrynev
Аdvocate, Мanaging Partner
Ihor Benko
Аdvocate, Senior Associate
Oleksandr Mostovyi
Аdvocate, Senior Associate
Pavlo Karpyn
Kateryna Kozhemiakina
Помощник юриста

We start our work with studying the possibility to resolve the dispute pre-trial. Most of the disputes faced by our Clients are resolved in pre-trial procedure.

If the trial is inevitable, we carefully review the chances to enforce the judgement before filing a lawsuit. Typically, the Client receives from us sufficient information to understand the outcome of the case.

In court, we do our best to prove the erroneousness of the opponent’s arguments. The use of non-typical solutions allows us to be optimistic even in the most hopeless situations. 

In defending the Client’s position, we are not confined by legal arguments. A timely forensic investigation and the correct formulation of questions are crucial in certain cases.

The possibility of the immediate advocate's access to non-public information and the application of criminal procedure remedies are additional means we use for the benefit of Clients.

We know all the tricks debtors resort to, therefore, we prepare for the enforcement in advance. If the economic law mechanisms inadequately influence the opponent, then their nearest perspective is to become a party involved in criminal proceedings.