Nataliia Kharchuk

Nataliia оn Pragnum:

"Since its foundation, Pragnum has undergone dramatic changes. When you are initially involved in this transformation, the company becomes part of you. I can confidently say that Pragnum promotes the freedom of self-expression, provides its employees with endless opportunities for growth and often is a catalyst for personal changes."

Areas of expertise:

Professional experience and recognition:

  • Eight years of experience in the legal sphere


  • Ukrainian Bar Association

Recent projects:

Recent publications:

  • Control over changes in the composition of LLC members and counteract corporate raiding
    Yurliga, August 7, 2018
    Article by Nataliia Kharchuk
  • Anti-Raider Law. Time to Get Over Fears?
    Yuridicheskaya Praktika, No. 3 (995), 17 January 2017
    Article by Nataliia Kharchuk
  • Joint and Several Liability and Subsidiary Liability in Bankruptcy Proceedings
    Yuridicheskaya Praktika, No. 48 (988), 29 November 2016
    Article by Nataliia Kharchuk
  • Appealing Against the Debtor's Transactions in Bankruptcy
    Yuridicheskaya Praktika, No. 16, 19 April 2016
    Article by Nataliia Kharchuk