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Economic crimes
We have acquired a stable partner, which provides the necessary options for resolving problems and issues arising in the economic activities of our Company.
Alexander Seyranov, director Three bears

Economic crimes

Oleksii Nekrasov
Аdvocate, Partner
Alyona Michurina
Аdvocate, Senior Associate
Vitaly Bobrynev
Аdvocate, Мanaging Partner
Ihor Sikora

Pragnum’s specialisation is the protection of Clients in malfeasance and economic crimes (white collar crime), as well as the recovery of damage caused to enterprises in such cases.

We focus on preventing risks, so we have an extensive practical experience in providing effective safety instructions and interaction with law enforcement and regulatory authorities. Our Clients know how to act in unusual situations.

The punitive nature of prosecution and low number of acquittals in Ukraine oblige us to take all possible and impossible measures to ensure that the case is closed without bringing it to court.

The careful preparation and competent legal support during investigations, thought-out work with witnesses, and initiation of a reputable independent expertise are the mechanisms that ensure the protection of our Clients’ rights and interests.

Pragnum is proud of the fact that over 9 years of our practice, none of the criminal cases we accompanied has been brought to court. They were all closed during the pre-trial investigation.