Dmytro Zhukov Speaks at Business Development and Security Conference in Kyiv

Friday, 9 December, 2016

The Business Development and Security Conference was held in Kyiv at the conference hall of Alfavito Hotel on 9 December. The event organised by Lipsky Marketing Group was an intellectual and communication platform for diverse discussion of issues related to development and legal protection of big and medium business.

The conference attracted in addition to business founders representatives of regional chambers of commerce and industry, Kyiv City State Administration, Main Territorial Department of Justice Kyiv, as well as the media. The participants considered a number of issues related to topical legislative amendments in the sphere of appointment and conducting of audits. Moreover, issues of the judicial reform and protection of the client's interests, opposition to illegal seizure, interaction with foreign contracting parties and introduction of IT technologies into the business environment were discussed.

Dmytro Zhukov, the Partner at Pragnum, spoke as an expert in the area of judicial protection in economic and tax disputes, gave practice recommendations regarding litigation in courts of different instances, ways to minimise expenses related to such litigations, and also forecast possible trends for 2017.

“The main priority of Pragnum is to win rather than participate in the litigation. That is why we actively apply the principles of remuneration for success, i.e. payment only after the case is won, and debt is collected. That idea arouse a lively interest among the participants of the conference,” Dmytro said to share his opinion.