Optimization of interaction with regulatory authorities

вторник, 31 июля, 2018

That was the theme of the training, which took place on July 30 at the office of the Ukrainian Mining and Metallurgical Company, and the main emphasis of the speakers - Aleksey Nekrasov and Dmitry Zhukov - was made on the key word - optimization!

How can Ukrainian business protect itself? The answer is simple:

Do not go too far, be as tolerant as possible and at the same time confident in communicating with representatives of government agencies.
Store all important information exclusively "in the cloud", without access to it by unauthorized persons.
Observe the hygiene of the workplace: do not save passwords in browsers or in notebooks in the workplace.
Have a “specially trained” employee on staff who knows how to communicate with government agencies, how not to say too much, not to sign unnecessary things, etc.
Contact lawyers for professional legal support.
Observing these rules, with the usual regular actions of state officials, the business is practically not in danger.

However, in spite of the law of the “Mask Show Stop”, the reality is that our security forces ignore it with an enviable frequency, which we have repeatedly written about before. In this case, the point of recommendations is put forward in the first place - seeking professional legal support.

We thank the participants of the training for their activity and involvement! We hope that it was useful, and we look forward to new meetings with the Ukrainian business for training and cooperation!