Oleksandr Mostovyi Participates in the Asset Tracing Forum Dedicated to Issues of Tracing of the Illegally Siphoned-Off Property, and Ways of Its Repossession

Wednesday, 24 May, 2017

Each litigator knows that winning the case is not enough. The task is to enforce the court judgement in full. Here is where the most interesting part starts. Low efficiency of the state enforcement service multiplied by debtors' tricks can prevent almost any judgement from being enforced. So, while business is waiting for introduction of the institution of private enforcement officers, litigators have to do everything on their own.

“Ukraine is making its first steps to launch the full-scale mechanism for tracing illegally siphoned-off assets,” Oleksandr commented on establishment of the National Agency for Detecting, Tracing and Managing Assets. “Their efficiency will be evaluated when budget revenues will be considered for 2018.”.