Pragnum associates receive letters for the development and improvement of business activities, and high professionalism

Monday, 17 September, 2018

Without exaggeration, the training and support of business, we at Pragnum consider as one of the main tasks of the legal profession and, of course, we are pleased to feel that our activities are not left unmarked.

On the Day of the Entrepreneur, on September 6, the district administration of the Shevchenko district of Kiev congratulated its partners on the presentation of Acknowledgments: “For significant personal contribution to the development and improvement of entrepreneurial activity, and high professionalism”. Pragnum specialists - Natalia Kharchuk, Alyona Michurina, Oleksandr Mostovyi and Ihor Benko, who have been authors and participants of events more than once - were awarded with Thanks. The event took place at the Kiev factory of soft drinks "Rosinka".