From Magellan to legal "lifehacks" - the first summer business breakfast from Pragnum

Monday, 11 June, 2018

How to win a case in the court without a bribe? New codes, and what to expect from them? How to protect your business from the intervention of law enforcement? - this and a lot of others topics were discussed during a business breakfast from Pragnum, which was held at the Holiday Inn, on June 7.

The prologue to the event was the mention of the Magellan shopping and entertainment center case in Kiev. Recall that at the moment he is at the stage of "fights" between the owners, and law enforcement agencies do not interfere in the confrontation.

The first speaker of the event is Pragnum's Senior Associate Oleksii Nekrasov (as a specialist with seven-year legal practice of mergers and acquisitions) - began his report with a comment that (most likely) the entire case will not have criminal consequences and will be resolved "... quietly, peacefully , noble ... ".

Simply about complicated things

The main advantage of Pragnum's regular events is the ability of jurists to tell simply about complicated things. And the guests of the event confirm this. It is not superfluous to say that the red line of the first summer business breakfast was the "Case Study", which helped to give some kind of interactivity to the event, and guests - to fully engage in the topics studied.

In his speech, Oleksii Nekrasov described the main investigative actions that the company and its employees could undergo.

Covered topics:

  • correct behavior of staff during interrogations and searches;
  • the need for mandatory briefing of staff;
  • the importance of employees understanding the meaning of the signature in the protocols;
  • rashness of participation in any proceedings without a lawyer;
  • qualified legal support with analysis of the situation, identification of factors of all kinds of risks and briefing before interrogation;
  • the importance of the existence of cyber security systems, the preservation of all information exclusively in the clouds.

Each topic aroused a lot of accompanying questions from the guests, to which Pragnum's jurists gave detailed qualified answers, with examples of live cases.

"Improvement" in lawsuits, and how to live with them ...

Dmytro Zhukov, Pragnum's Partner, told about the innovations of the trials.

The main novels, which are important for the enterprise as a subject of economic activity:

  • the entry into force of new codes in the economic, civil and administrative process;
  • lawyer's monopoly - only the lawyer or the director has the right to represent the interests of the company in court, regardless of the latter's education;
  • terms of consideration of the case in court: it was - expensive, corrupt and long, it became - even more expensive, no less corrupt, but with clearly settled deadlines.

How to win a court without a bribe?

On examples and cases, Dmytro Zhukov proved to business guests that this impossible thing is, actually, possible!

These are several "life hacks" from Pragnum's jurists:

First one - applying to law schools - an authoritative opinion of professors of law schools can affect the judge's conclusion.

Second - is the involvement of the Cabinet of Ministers by a third party in disputes involving state interests.

Third one - is the involvement of the prosecutor's office as a plaintiff in economic disputes against opponents who have power.


Of course, it's not all the advices, topics and questions that were discussed during the business breakfast. Many topics were revealed as additional interest arose among the guests.

Pragnum team is gratitude to all the participants of the event for activity and involvement.

We wish everyone good luck, and see you again!