The impact of legislative changes on business processes was discussed in Kiev Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Friday, 16 February, 2018

The regular meeting of the Committee for Small and Medium Business of the Kiev Chamber of Commerce and Industry was held February, 15. During the meeting was discussed the influence of the most important December's and January's legislative innovations on business. One of the most noteworthy events of the winter was the partial enactment of Law "About alteration of Certain Legislative Acts regarding the Enforcement of Rights of the Participants in Criminal Proceedings and other persons by law enforcement authorities during the pre-trial investigation", public known mostly as "Mask-show stop".

New in the Law:

  • law enforcement officers are required to allow an attorney whithin search (regardless of the time of his arrival),
  • permission of an obligatory video-recording during search process,
  • permission of an obligatory video-recording of the court session at which the issue of permission to conduct a search was considered and pointed to the creation of a new commission with the participation of the state and the public, which will compile information on violations by the investigation of laws and prepare mandatory recommendations for investigation.

Oleksii Nekrasov attracted special attention of public to new rules, that allegedly forbade the withdrawal of the server.

Also, during the committee's, great attention was paid to the moratorium on verification. Anna Gnyp noted that the moratorium-2018 is realy working. Mostly thanks to the amendments introduced by the Law on Budget from January 1, 2018, into the Law "On Temporal Features of Implementation of Supervision (Control) Measures in the Sphere of Economic Activity". As of February 15, 2013, both scheduled and unscheduled inspections for 2018 are prohibited.

More about the exceptions to the moratorium on the verification of 2018 can be seen here.