Anna Gnyp
Аdvocate, Senior Associate
Commercial disputes, Tax and customs disputes

Anna on Pragnum

"Long time ago, my parents used to work in the mines, in Far North area. Therefore, in my childhood, I've heard a lot of stories about gold minerses life. 
Today, working in Pragnum, I recall these stories very often, and I notice an incredible similarity in our daily work. 
Every day, by teamwork, we are sorting through millions of legislative "grains of sand" in search of the most "treasured stone". 
By find it, we spend great forces on "stone cutting" in order to bring it to an ideal state. 
Each won court case is the result of the delicate and painstaking work, that bring us a real pleasure".


Professional experience and recognition:

Eleven years of experience in the legal sphere



Ukrainian Advocates' Association


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